Enhancing Academic Research in the Editorial Field: A Call for Improvement

Introduction: Academic research forms the backbone of progress in any field, including editorial work. As the landscape of publishing evolves, so too must the methods and practices within academic research. Enhancing academic research in the editorial field is crucial for staying relevant, fostering innovation, and maintaining the integrity of scholarly work. 1. Embrace Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Read More

Research Methodology

Research Methodology is one of the prime requirements in today’s life for Research Institutes, Organizations, Publishing companies and so on. The Main Resource of the process of the Research Analysis is the “DATA”. The concept of Data can be explained as: Steps of Research Analysis: 1. To Identify the Problem 2. Search for the available Read More

SEO in Academic and Organisational Research

Let’s first catch few terms: SEO: Search Engine Optimisation, process to make your website Google friendly, as when someone searches something, you website should rank the first to show that result. SEM: Search Engine Marketing. It is a digital marketing platform, where you need to invest to get results. PPC: Pay per click. You put Read More

New aspects of Content Academic Research in India

With the rise of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and OCR based keyword tools, the Academic Research field has reached to the New Heights in India. India has a total number of 1043 Universities and 42343 colleges. Each colleges have their own openings, new research topic and new scopes. Students, professors and other Academic Professional are Read More

Geology of Jabalpur

Jabalpur, the place where Gondwana proof still exists and evidence of Dinosaurs can be tracked. Geological Field Study of Jabalpur 2012, in the chills of January, we carried out the Field Geological Study of Central India’s beautiful Jabalpur, in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The Geolology Jabalpur is situated in the Eastern Part of Cretaceous Read More

Petroleum Resistivity Curve of Shaly Sands Mystery

Why are Petroleum Engineers fascinated about the Mysterious Resistivity Curves in Shaly Sand Hydrocarbon? To begin with, Myself Sattam Chakraborty, had a Research Paper published on Clay Separation technique of Lonar Crater Nuclear Waste, back two years ago. But I never knew I could think of my published paper as an answer to mystery of Read More

Geology of Nainital

This present article on ” Geology of Nainital ” describes my experience of the Geological Field Trip which I carried out from 5th October to 10th October 2013 from the University of Delhi, India. Nainital Nainital is located in Uttarakhand state of India, in the Kumaon foothills of the Outer Himalayas at an altitude of Read More